Vrroom is a flavourful healthy beverage with Electrolytes and Vitamin 'C'.

Saturday 25th of October 2014

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Vrroom is a healthy drink that offers vitamin 'C', electrolytes, and is big on taste. It is a good addition to carbonated beverages, juices, and prepackaged drinks.

Vrroom Beverages are:

  • Fat Free
  • Non carbonated
  • 100% Vitamin 'C' RDI
  • No caffeine
  • Low Sodium

Today’s consumers want more creative beverage options and Vrroom is responding to this demand. Vrroom fills the market niche of the two fastest growing categories in cold beverage — health and active lifestyles.


Vrroom incorporates fructose as part of the Vrroom nutritive sweetener system. Fructose offers nutritional advantages. It empties from the stomach rapidly and will not cause a sudden rise in either blood sugar or insulin, but instead provides a steady supply of sugar to the blood. Vrroom is low in sodium and contains less calories than many sugar-based crystals which also prevents the "sugar high". Most importantly, Vrroom drinks taste great!

VRROOM for High School Students

Vrroom drinks fall within “Refreshment Canada” guidelines for high schools. (Less than 100 calories per 12 oz. serving.) Vrroom has less calories and sugar than most sugar-based crystals.

VRROOM for Athletes

Loss of fluid and reduction of the body's carbohydrate stores are the two major causes of fatigue and reduced performance in prolonged activity or exercise.  Vrroom is formulated to tackle both of these problems with carbohydrates to fuel the muscles and fluid and electrolytes to hydrate the body. Vrroom is a drink proven to enhance endurance and maintain work activity for a longer period of time than water and pop.

VRROOM will quench your thirst!